Summer Student Position

Lake Talon Conservation Association Summer Employment Opportunity

Job Title:  Student Environmentalist
24-30 hours per week (to be determined by Supervisor)

Rate of Pay:  Current minimum wage rate

Minimum Requirements:
16 years of age or older as of July 1 of current year
Social Insurance Number
Available from July 2 to Labour Day inclusive
Use of a 9.9 horsepower outboard engine and a minimum 14 foot length boat (gas & oil supplied by the Lake Talon Cottagers’ Association)
Swimming proficiency
Personal safety equipment (safety boots, hard hat, goggles, work gloves and personal flotation device)
Valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card
Excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills
Demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision
Family must be a member of the Lake Talon Conservation Association

First Aid training
NLS Certification or equivalent
Cell phone
Familiarity with GPS technology

Maintenance of public access points such as Pine Lake Portage, Black Bay Boat Launch, Grasswell’s Point, Talon Chutes and Blanchard’s Landing. 
Such maintenance duties include but are not limited to:
Garbage pick-up and disposal
Thunderbox maintenance or replacement
Trail clearing
Brush/grass trimming
Monitoring of users and campers
Shoreline and lake clean-up including:
Removal of debris such as tires, garbage, driftwood
Improvements to spawning areas and related duties.
LTCA membership development and communication including:
Visit all cottagers to:
Update them on LTCA activities & distribute LTCA brochures
Collect LTCA membership fees/solicit membership from non-members
Gather feedback and concerns from cottagers
Assist with the organization of the Annual General Meeting, including the presentation of a summer student report.

How to Apply: 
Please send a letter of application, resume and minimum of 2 work-related references before June 15th to Clint Wilson: